Jules-Armand Hanriot, 17×14”, 1914

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“LA PRISE D’UN DRAPEAU“. Early agitation propaganda done within a few months of declaration of war. “Near a bunch of trees, some Germans had rallied around a flag. Under the saber of our dragoons, the defenders of the flag fell. Only a Prussian non-commissioned officer would remain standing, holding the flagpole. He was downed with a lance. The flag of the 6th Pomeranian was ours.” “aupres d’un bouquet de sapins, quelques allemands s’etaient rallies autour d’un drapeau. Sous le sabre de nos dragons, les defenseurs du drapeau tomberent. Seul, un sous-officier prussien restrait debout, tenant la hampe. Il fut abattu d’un coup de lance. Le drapeau du 6 Pomeranien etait a nous.” Appears to be very early! Minimal aging. Otherwise, overall near mint.

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