On June 20, 2022, George Theofiles, owner of Miscman, passed away peacefully surrounded by his family. George loved his business and was passionate about graphic design and history all of his life. 

George enjoyed sharing that knowledge with his clients, friends and anyone who was curious and interested about poster design and its historical purpose. His many catalogs were and are proof of his passion for posters.

I plan on continuing George’s business with the help of John Woodbury, George’s assistant. 

Shirley Theofiles 

Celebrating 52 years – 1970 – 2022 

Miscellaneous Man®: Rare Original Posters and Vintage Graphics 

We offer rare vintage posters and old advertising ephemera. 1870’s – 1960’s. Originals only! Absolutely no reproductions. Many, many subjects including Film, Travel, Exposition, Transport, World War I and II, and Products. We have been in this business full time since 1970 and started to collect in 1955.

We are one of the oldest businesses in the field of Vintage Advertising and Propaganda Graphics. Everything we offer is with your satisfaction guaranteed.

We will continue to add items to different subject headings on a regular basis. Anyone who has looked at our website can readily see that our prices are twenty to fifty percent lower than our competitors. Anything you might be interested in is worth a look. We hope you’ll take a moment to read the FAQ’s and About Miscman sections. 

 Thank you,

George Theofiles

John Woodbury


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Why we no longer accept charge cards

When we implemented a cart, our charge card company decided to start charging excessively for services, like $30 a month just to provide a list of our sales and $15 charged for any returns. We do welcome PayPal, or you can send a check or money order. We will hold your order for 10 days. 


George Theofiles & John Woodbury


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