SOLD  signed “Rudd, SC, Boston”, 14×16”, 1863



Quite sensational anti-drink poster design which employs a railway travel theme, with the head text, “Great Central Broad Gauge Fast Route via Beggarstown, Demonland, and Black Valley, to Destruction…” Detailed engraving in the center depicts a train leaving the station at Drunkards Curve, Satan at the throttle, saloon car behind. The bleak surroundings include ghostly devils floating in the occluded sky. Hearse, ambulance, and people all about both standing and on the ground. The image is hand tinted with a light blue tint. Destinations are listed on each side, like “Brothelton”, “Maniacville”, and “Woeland”, several paragraphs of rants follow below. Published during the Civil War by the American Seaman’s Friend Society. Published during the Civil War during the “American Seaman’s Friend Society” which may have been private guy humor. (Drinking /Whiskey /Prohibition) One small corner bite, near-mint overall, mounted on rice paper.