Coles Phillips, 14.75×21.75“, ca. 1915

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Showroom advertising. A Willys convertible is shown in front of an elegant household with the price of $1,145. Many gearheads are not aware that Willys was founded in 1908. Their fame came with World War II where they were given a contract to build the first military jeep, the contract having been taken away from the original designers, American Bantam, a small automobile manufacturer. The Overland Six was an expensive car for its time and certainly a handsome one. 

Coles Phillips was as famous as Gibson or Christy in his time. He originated the “fade-away girl” which influenced the early career of Ludwig Hohlwein. He created many hundreds of posters and publicity. This showroom advertising is a bargain at the price asked. Near mint on linen.

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