SOLD  Anon, 1013“, ca. 1902



Ink signed lower right. An early turn of the century portrait is shown of a young Evelyn Nesbit who created a huge stir as a beauty every successful man seemed to want and who Harry K. Thaw, a railroad magnate, married when she was 16. She had a short-lived affair with Stanford White who was the architect at Madison Square Garden and during the opening of the garden, Standford White was shot to death by Thaw, the latter having heard about the affair. This created what was then known as the trial of the 20th Century. Nesbit went on to be “The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing”, a sexy burlesque act which was officially known in popular culture to be turned into a semi-fictional movie in the 1940s. Signed photos, even though this image being from a magazine, are rare. (GlamoUr /Scandal /Movies) Near mint-mint.