H.O. Rawson, 8.5×11″ to 14×22”, 1890s – 1930s

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A collection of 19 different 1809s-1930s original drawings signed H.O. Rawson all on varied types of board. Rawson was a noted Western Artist who wrote at least one book on Western types. He survived during the Great Depression by doing drawings of Western heroes and villains which he sold as small sets as cards. These are some of the originals from those sets. His earliest is an 1890 terrific multicolor pen and ink of a cowboy trying to escape an Indian attack across the river. His last is dated 1939 of Charles Bigelow “Texas Charlie”, U.S. government scout. Others are Johnny Baker, Boy Crackshot; Buffalo Bill (two different quite terrific works); Cattle Annie and Little Breeches; California Joe; Idaho Bill; Texas Jack; Captain Jack Crawford; and others. Sizes run from 8.5×11″ to 14×22” and they are all of high quality. Represented is a really fine collection of artworks by an under appreciated Western artist of the 19th and 20th centuries. Drawings are all in pretty much excellent condition though some of the cards have corner bends and corners lacking, not affecting any images. The 19, quite reasonable at $2,500.

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