SOLD  A.M. Cassandre, 13.5” high including 1” high base, 15.5” long, 5” wide base, ca. 1939



This is the largest I have ever seen of the late prewar A.M. Cassandre designs which replaced the bottle with an upright drink for the American market (The showing of a downed bottle may have been seen as excessive for American tastes). This is quite a large display richly silkscreened with gradations all perfectly crisply die-cut with the 3D table on a large wooden base. There is an incised 3/4” deep circle to hold a bottle of Dubonnet (I have the bottle but need to check to see if I can actually ship in). (Art Deco /Modernism /Drinking /Aperitif /Prewar Design /Spirits /Tobacco) Certainly very rare and in overall excellent condition.