made by Burroughs & Wellcome, 15x10x9”, 1908

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A finely made medical kit box with a double opening. I purchased this cask on the same evening as I acquired Peary’s Arctic sledge which I sold to a museum in New York many years ago. I am absolutely certain it is an arctic relic of Robert E. Peary’s and have sheets signed from Robert Peary Stafford, Peary’s grandson. The cask is all aluminum, which was an extremely expensive construction at the turn of the century. I am not sure due to some confusion if this was the medical cask which accompanied Peary to the North Pole or not. I seem to recall a catalogue which showed a slightly different medical cask in a drawing attributed to Peary’s North Pole Expedition. I’m just not sure. Although I know this is the only Peary medical cask which has survived, and I’m sure it’s an Arctic relic, and probably his only medical cask. (We have numerous other authenticated Peary relics which we will offer in the future) In any case, I will include other documentation and a certificate of authenticity. This is a unique item! North Pole /Explorer /Expedition /Doctor /Drugs

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